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GioGio's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind[note 1] in Japanese) is a 3D action game that adapts part 5 of the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It was developed and published by Capcom, who made a 2D fighting game based on part 3 four years earlier. The graphics utilize a brand of cel-shading dubbed "Artistoon"[2][3][4] to emulate the source material's art style. A planned release outside of Japan never materialized.


Capcom first announced the game during the 2001 Jump Festa (held on December 23 & 24, 2000), stating simply that it would be based on part 5 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.[5][mmcafe 1][IGN 2][IGN 3] Later that month, an issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump (the magazine that serialized the original manga at the time) revealed screenshots of the game to the public for the first time.[mmcafe 2][IGN 4] (These included a 3D model of Koichi Hirose, a character who would not physically appear in the final product.) The game's official website subsequently went up on February 8.[mmcafe 3]

The first trailer would debut at the 2001 Tokyo Game Show (held between March 30 and April 1). It focused on the game's graphics (mostly character models) in lieu of showing gameplay.[IGN 5] Closer to its release, the game would receive a second announcement at the conclusion of a Capcom vs. SNK 2 tournament in Tokyo on January 13, 2002 (alongside fellow Capcom game Auto Modellista). Hirohiko Araki, the manga's author, revealed more footage from the game in a pre-recorded video.[6][7] The first report of the title's Japanese release date - July 25, 2002 - came at the start of May,[IGN 1] with the official website being heavily revamped under two weeks before that date.[3]

Capcom first announced their intent to release the game outside of Japan in March 2003, alongside three other titles: Onimusha 2, Red Dead Revolver, and Auto Modellista.[IGN 6] Afterward, they would exhibit it at E3 (as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)[IGN 7] and ECTS (as GioGio's Bizarre Adventure)[IGN 8][IGN 9] in 2002. The company targeted a release in October of that year[4][IGN 7] (which many sources reported as simply "fall"),[8][9][10][11] with the ESRB specifically listing October 24, 2002.[12] Some time between E3 and November 2002, the game was delayed to December. On the 12th of November, Capcom announced a second delay to Feburary 14, 2003 as part of a larger schedule adjustment.[13] Capcom appears to have revised the game's release schedule once again around early 2003, though sources conflict on when the new window actually was: GamePro claimed that it would release in November of that year,[14] whereas Entertainment Weekly suggested that it would come out in the summer.[15] With no official story, some Internet users took to expressing confusion about the game's disappearance - not helped by American retailers listing release dates in May[16] or June[17] of that year. By the time Eurogamer covered Capcom's lineup of games at E3 2003, they interpreted GioGio's absence as a sign that its Western release had been canceled entirely.[18] Ultimately, the game would never get an official release outside of Japan.



TGS 2001 trailer (Japanese)
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GioGio Everything About Golden Wind guidebook cover JP.jpg
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Everything About Golden Wind (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 黄金の旋風のすべて)

A thorough introduction to every character & every stage!
A total of 27 pages are dedicated to exclusive interviews: one with the development staff and one solely with Hirohiko Araki!!!
Everything about "Golden Wind" draws near in this massive 300-page volume!!!! [JP site 1]

ISBN 978-4-087791-8-84

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  1. Some official English localizations of JoJo media render the subtitle in Italian as Vento Aureo.


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  1. This text is a very rough English translation of the book's description on the "information" page (archived via Wayback Machine). The original text, for reference: