Gun Fight

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Gun Fight was a pioneering game release in 1975 by Midway Mfg. The dueling game takes place in a Wild West setting between two cowboys on opposing sides of the screen. Each player is limited to their adjacent areas but can move and shoot from their vantage points. With a limited number of bullets and time, the players must strike each other with their bullets enough times to become the victor. Obstacles halt the path of bullets but the top and bottom of the screens will ricochet the bullets to allow for more involved tactical shooting.

The game was an adaptation of the Taito game Western Gun done entirely from the ground up for use on a microprocessor. Gun Fight was one of the first commercial games to use a microprocessor and is credited as the first game to move the coin-op industry as a whole in the direction of software.



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Game credits[edit]

Game Designer
David Nutting
Tom McHugh
Hardware Designer
Jeff Fredriksen