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Liberator is a 1982 arcade game created by Atari, Inc. The game play is similar to Missile Command (arcade), but instead of defending cities the player is trying to destroy enemy bases on a rotating planet while defending the spaceships in the four corners of the screen used to shoot said bases. Controls consist of a trackball and fire and shield buttons.

The game's marquee features the Atari Force logo. Atari Force was a series of comic books produced by DC Comics for Atari, Inc., both of which were subsidiaries of Warner Communications. The first Atari Force volume was a series of miniature comic books included with Atari 2600 games. The game play that would become Liberator was featured in Atari Force (mini-comic) #4, included in the Phoenix (Atari 2600) game. The original team's leader, Commander Martin Champion, appears on the screen in between levels of the game.





Dennis Harper