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Shark was a title released in 1975 by U.S Billiards in 1975. It is notable as one of the first commercial games released to use a microprocessor as well as one of three games based around sharks released in the year, the other two being Shark Jaws and Maneater.

Unlike in most games based around the deep sea creature, players in this game take on the role of the shark. 1-4 players must navigate a maze without touching the walls in order to reach out into the deep sea ocean and devour swimmers within the time limit. If a player touches the wall, they are sent back to their starting position. Difficulty switches on the front of the machine dictate how many swimmers need to be devoured to award an extra game. Navigation is achieved by the pushing of four buttons laid out in a cross formation which correspond to the direction of the movement, regardless of the "front" orientation of the shark.



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Gameplay video of Shark by U.S Billiards

Game credits[edit]

Game Designer, Hardware Designer
John R. Wilson